Being Social Pays

We all know that social media plays a huge role in our day to day lives.  Nearly 75% of American adults use social media on a daily basis.  90% of younger adults and teenagers are engaged in social media over half of everyday.   With social media pretty much ruling the internet world, the number of users increase rapidly day by day.   Just imagine if you had launched your marketing strategy 5 years ago.  Can you imagine the revenue you would have today?      Now take that same image and place it 5 years from today.   That outcome is the same.  Only 5 years from now internet users will be multiplied by millions.  So that outcome multiplied by a million.

There are many ways to generate an income via social media.  You can promote affiliate products, you can become a recruiter,  create and sell your own product or services, or you can just be social.   Yes. You can even earn income by doing what you do everyday online.  The key is finding the right content.  Even with selling, promoting, and recruiting, you still have to grab the attention of your audience with your post, photos, blogs, or videos. Whatever it is that you share with the public has to be interesting and attractive.  The way you earn income by being social is generating traffic. Not just here and there traffic either. You want recurring traffic that brings in more traffic by sharing what you have shared.

I want to share a website with you.   It is called BitLanders.   This is a social media platform that pays you to be social.  You can share your thoughts, create movies/videos, mini-blogs, or full blogs, and photo gallery’s.  They also have fun daily task and quest to help you move up in rank.  The coolest thing about this platform, is their pay format.  They pay in Bitcoins.  I am not sure if you know but, Bitcoins are the way to be paid right now.  You could make $25 today and wake up tomorrow and that $25 be worth $2500.   To learn more about this platform and get ahead of your future, visit  BitLanders

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The Rule of 72

                                  The rule of 72

Hello, Freebie Zone readers!!   Today, I want to share with you, a very well kept secret.   Banks in every corner of the world know about this!   Do you think they are going to tell their clients about it?  Of course not!!        When a client or account holder sets up a savings account with a bank, they generally get 1%-3% interest.  ( that may be going overboard, but we’ll just use that for statistics  😀 )  Some say this is a great rate; I say otherwise.    When you save your money  in an institution such as a bank, your losing a large portion of money that could be yours!!

Banks act as a middleman between consumers and the Global Market.  When a bank has your money is saving, they don’t just leave it in there.  They take your money and place it into the markets.  They are earning any where from 8%-12%.  Once you see how this equation plays out, you will see just how much money they make off your savings!!

The rule of 72 is a mathematical equation. You divide the rule (72)  by the interest percentage to determine how many years it take your money to double.  Let’s say for instance you are getting 3% at your bank.  When we divide 3 into 72, we get 24.  Wow!  That is a might long time to wait for your money to double.  Now, let’s say the global market is at 12%.  When we divide 12 into 72, we get 6.    Six years!!  What a drastic difference!      So let’s do some more math.  If I invested $10,000 into my savings account with a 3% interest rate, my return would only be $20,000   24 years later!   That is just outrageous.         But!    Let’s say I invested $10,000 into the global market at %12 interest, my return after 24 years would be $160,000!!!   Look at the enormous difference there.     To make it a little easier to understand, I will put a diagram below.  The 6% interest calculations are included just to give you a good idea of how this works.

primerican 72 rule.png


This is the most rewarding tip I have to save you money.  Stocks are risky, but with the right practice and guidance, you’ll be swimming with the Ben’s.   😀     Check out Forbes Magazine  website.  They have an article about investments.                                                                How to double your money every 6 years!


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Gimme some BitCoins!!!


images (1).jpg

Everyone should get in on the BitCoin revolution.  This is a decentralized payment system.  It’s unlike any other currency in the world. Bitcoin was published in 2009 by an man with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.  Every since then, the Bitcoin network has grown tremendously.

For more information about BitCoin Digital Currency go here Bitcoin for Beginners

There are a few different ways you can get you some of the beloved Bitcoins.  You can visit many faucets on the internet to collect free bitcoins. You will need to make sure you set up a Bitcoin Wallet before you try to collect bitcoins.  Also, be sure to secure your wallet with a backup and a key code.  Go here to get your wallet.  Sign up for BitCoin Wallet

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Gift Hulk



I have found this really awesome site. It’s called GiftHulk.  Their motto is ” They say nothing is free. We disagree.”  What a tagline!  So, what they do is offer various tasks, offers, videos, surveys, games, shopping, and downloading apps.  There is so much to choose from, you will lost yourself in it.  They give you physical and cash prizes for completeing these offers, task, etc.  The thing I love most about this site is the video reward offers. Most reward sites offer videos, but they never have any available to watch.  I strongly recommend this site to those of you who are looking to earn some extra cash and prizes online.  You will be in love after just one day!!

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Increase in Internet users

The internet is becoming a major part of everyday life. From social media to income resources.  The total internet users worldwide has increased by 890,989,987 users since 2010.  That’s an 11% increase in just 5 years.  With the rate the internet is growing, and the advances in technology, who knows what the numbers will be in 5 more years.   We are not just talking The United States here either.  This is a global increase.  That’s almost 1 billion of the world’s population beginning to use the internet. It could be 10 billion in the next 5 years.  So with all of the money circulating around the internet, why are you still looking for work?  With the dawn of the Bitcoin age, and the demand of traffic exchanges growing, there are unlimited amounts of money just waiting to be made online.  You don’t have to be smart to do this either. If you are capable of using Facebook and an email service, you have income at your fingertips.  You can start from the ground up!!   There are numerous companies that are willing to train you from start to finish, with no investment!!  That means from day 1 to, let’s say day 90, you could be earnind a few thousand extra a month just from being online.  All it takes is a little will power, some time to learn the basics, a computer, and some internet. Boom!  There is your future in one little sentence.

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